PPP Toolkit

The PPP Toolkit ensures PPPs maximize their impact and results towards achieving their goals.  Templates and guidelines are available for download below.


PPP Management Tools

A.      MOU Template for PPPs 

Overview: To establish the terms of the agreement between all parties to the PPP including, describing the partnership goals and objectives, outlining roles and responsibilities, resource contribution, the governance structure, and the period of performance.

B.      PPP Orientation Guide and Reporting Template  

Overview: Provides guidance to implementing partners on issues related to the implementation of PPPs. The document highlights partner roles and responsibilities, subcontract and subrecipient policies, payment policies, strategic communications, reporting requirements, partner contributions tracking, subrecipient monitoring and monitoring and evaluation.

C.      PPP Governance Framework Template  

Overview: Provides guidance to PPPs on issues related to roles and responsibilities of key partners, contractor approval process, subcontractor and partner approval processes, communications, deliverables, contributions tracking, risk management, monitoring and evaluation, and relationship engagement with public partners (Ministry of Health), and other agencies.

D.      Quarterly Report Template

Overview: Assist subrecipient implementing partners to report most recent and relevant achievements, knowledge and data during reporting period.

E.      Travel Approval Request Form

Overview: Provide an expedient format for subrecipients to request approval for PEPFAR-funded travel.

F.      Subawardee Trip Report Template

Overview: Report on results gained from trip towards program objectives.



Financial Management Tools

A.      Subawardee Risk Assessment Matrix

Overview: Assist Cardno to conduct a risk assessment of all PPP subrecipients it manages under P4. It aims to help subrecipients comply with U.S. Government laws and regulations and strengthen internal controls.

B.      Subawardee Self-Assessment Survey

Overview: Provide guidance to subrecipients on assessing their financial risk for Cardno’s reporting requirements as Global Secretariat.

C.      Subawardee Audit Checklist

Overview: Guide Cardno in auditing subrecipient’s financial management of resources contributed through PPP.

D.      Guidance Note on Tracking the Contributions of Participating Stakeholders to PPPs

Overview: Assist the PPP partners in receiving and/or facilitating the inflow of cash and in-kind contributions to PPPs supported by Cardno.

E.      Quick Reference Guide: Tracking the Contributions of Participating Stakeholders to PPPs

Overview: Provide concise summary of Contributions Tracking Tool and Guidance Note to simplify application.

F.      Contributions Tracking Tool

Overview: Facilitate the tracking of contributions of participating stakeholders to PPPs.



Monitoring & Evaluation Tools

A.     M&E Framework  

Overview: This document provides general guidance on PPP performance monitoring and reporting. It highlights PPPs guidance on developing a results framework, stakeholder mapping, diagram that conveys cause and effect linkages between a series of outcomes and impact that forms the basis for strategic planning and evaluation.



Communications & Knowledge Management Tools

A.      PPP Branding Guidelines

Overview: Guide in the creation of universal standards that govern the protection and application of a PPP’s brand identity for the achievement of programmatic and communications objectives.



Closeout & Transition Tools

A.      PPP Closeout Report Template 

Overview: Assist implementing partners efficiently closing out program and financial activities according to government guidelines.

B.      PPP Transition Plan Matrix 

Overview: Cardno recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all exit plan; rather, exit plans need to be tailored from the start of each PPP to plan for transition to local ownership and financing.  This tool helps to guide partners to better align exit strategies with PPP goals relevant to the program and country context.

Contact: For information on the PPP Toolkit and how to adopt it for your PPP, write to us at [email protected]